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Guidelines for Choosing Roman Shades

More and more homeowners are choosing Roman Shades for their window coverings. These window treatments are not only practical, but they’re also beautiful, turning an otherwise dull-looking room into a showcase room. If you’re considering buying this type of window dressing, here are some of the reasons for their popularity, as well as the different types from which to choose.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades (shown above) feature consistent folds and no exposed rear cords, keeping windows uncluttered. Choose from different fold styles and sizes, and a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Advantages of Roman Shades

  • This window covering is ideal for warming up windows, while also giving you sun protection and privacy.
  • Roman shades are excellent for adding additional pattern or color in a room that has a tailored look.
  • They take up minimal space as you can neatly stack your shades when pulling them up.
  • This window covering is very versatile.

Types of Roman ShadesConstructed flat Roman shades—These depict a contemporary look that’s clean and simple. However, they can be coordinated with styles ranging from modern to traditional. This type of Roman shade consists of fabric panels that have been stitched together. For reinforcement, back bars are included that are roughly 6 to 8” apart. The bars also make the shades more durable and rigid.

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Unconstructed Roman shades—These shades look somewhat like constructed shades, but they have even more simplicity. This is because they involve only one fabric, hanging flat over a window, without any extra panels or back bars. As unconstructed Roman shades lack stitching or horizontal seams, they can add more complexity to designs. Thus, this type is more suited more for patterned fabrics.

Relaxed Roman shades—Also called London or soft shades, these are casual and unconstructed shades, but they still look classy. When you raise them they bow gently. Because they have less construction, these shades are recommended for with a width of less than 54”.

Mounting OptionsYour Roman shades can be mounted either inside or outside of a window frame. There’s also a trim mount.

An inside mount is one in which Roman shades are mounted inside a window frame. Although it gives a clean appearance, it’s not advisable for square windows as it can make shades appear crooked. But if you want your windows mounted inside your window frame, you’ll need approximately 3.5” to allow for your shades. Exact measures are required for this kind of mount.

Outside mounts give windows are richer appearance, besides more privacy. They also make windows seem visibly taller than they actually are. This type of mount also requires exact measurements. Just be sure to allow 1.5” inches on each side when you measuring the width.

Trim mounts are ideal choices for windows in which there is trimming that goes all around them. Measure the width from left to right. To measure the height for a trim mount, measure from the top to the bottom of a trim’s outer edge.

Considerations and Warnings

  • The type of lining you want depends on the amount of light you want to block from a room. For example, blackout lining is a good choice for bedrooms as it blocks out a considerable degree of light.
  • The shades that have colored designs or patterns do well in rooms having a considerable amount of neutral colors. Conversely, rooms that contain a lot of bright colors look better with neutral or natural-looking colors such as linen fabrics.
  • As they’re exceptionally versatile, your shades can look stunning either with and without a valance.
  • Romans shades include a control cord and a cord locking device or anchor.
  • If you have small children or pets, use a continuous cord loop rather than a tangling cord. Besides protecting your kids and pets, they look cleaner and less cluttered.

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