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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Wood Shutters – 2

Breakfast Nook Buy Real Wood ShuttersIn Part 1 of “10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Wood Shutters,” we talked about the traditional value of real wood shutters (also called real wood plantation shutters), their longevity, how versatile they are, and care information. Today we will discuss some of the benefits.

Conscientious homeowners examine the options regarding window treatments for many reasons. Energy efficiency and aesthetics are only two considerations for which homeowners look in window treatments. If you’ve ever considered real wood plantation shutters, you might find some manufacturers and retailers are a tad expensive. Read on and we will share how you can buy real wood shutters and still save a bundle, and some other highlights why real wood shutters are so awesome!

Even More Reasons To Buy Real Wood Shutters:

Closeup Buy Real Wood Shutters6 Real Wood Shutters Offer A Safety Factor

Maybe many parents would place this as the first benefit of plantation shutters and rightly so. There are no cords for small fingers or kittens with which to tangle, no adjustment rods to bat around or tear off the shutters. Little necks and furry ones, too, remain safe and unharmed. Playing with cords and adjustment rods means dumping dirt and dust on little heads and upturned faces. With plantation shutters, dusty shutter slats won’t shower dust on little heads, making them sneeze or affecting tiny asthmatics. These window coverings are much easier to clean, too.

7 Real Wood Shutters Close Tightly and Create Security Inside the Home

Shutters that are opened by day allow light in, but by night are like a blackout window treatment. This is particularly good for those living in cities and right up on the roads. If homeowners put two tiers of shutters in tall windows, then the top louvers can remain open to allow light to enter, while louvers on the bottom close to block the curious. This also means intruders will have a harder time intruding at any time of the day or night. Additionally, when homeowners are gone on vacation, if their home is automated, then the shutters will be adjusted as if they were home. Intruders have a more difficult time with automated homes.

Parlor Buy Real Wood Shutters8 Real Wood Shutters Save Energy with Their Amazing Insulation Powers

Homeowners hear of the sound insulating qualities of double-paned glass windows all the time. They hear that plantation shutters do the same job. Homeowners swear by their new plantation shutters, averring they keep out the sound of the bass thumping in passing cars, the singing of walkers and the roar of the non-existent exhaust on passing cars. There’s another kind of insulation, though, and one that will pay off for homeowners. Shutters act as a barrier to incoming cold or heat, provided it gets through those double-paned windows, of course. This will be immediately recognizable on the power bill. That’s half the return on investment right there.

9 Real Wood Shutters Control the Amount of Light in A Room

For homeowners with antiques, heirloom brocaded furniture, paintings, wood floors and other belongings that fade in sunlight, shutters are a miracle. The louvers can be adjusted to allow sunlight to head back outside while still allowing light to enter the rooms. Most shutters are finished with UV protective coatings, preventing fading of the wood. Further, it is a well-documented fact that natural light is better for the eyesight than indoor lighting. When directions, homework, books, something on cell phones or other small print need to be read, natural light provides better reading for the eyes. This saves a lot of money at the optometrist’s office as well as aspirin for headaches. It is also a well-documented fact that natural light boosts the mood, helps get rid of depression and makes visitors and workers in offices look around with pleasure. Homeowners, just watch your family and friends as they happily interact after the installation of plantation shutters.

Kitchen Buy Real Wood Shutters10 Save Money and Enjoy Your Investment –Show Me the Money!

We promised to show homeowners how to save a bundle on their shutters, and here it is:

  1. Tax credits are available immediately due to the upgrade to the home
  2. Another is immediately available because the new shutters are energy-efficient
  3. Since shutters are a permanent fixture in a home and have a lifetime of around 20 years, the return on investment at resale is near 100 percent

With over 20 years of experience in the window coverings industry, Love Is Blinds will come to your home, discuss your needs, show you samples of Kathy Ireland’s Home by Alta, Norman and Hunter Douglas and then measure for your real wood plantation shutters. The consultation, samples and measuring are all free of charge. Our professionals will then return to install your shutters. With this kind of win-win for homeowners, it is a simple matter of contacting us and we’ll be right with you.

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