5 Benefits of Installing Room Darkening Shades


Shades, no matter what type, are meant to block out the outside world from the interior of your home. They keep your space private from your neighbors and passers-by. Shades are one of the simplest window treatments on the market, but don’t let that fool you. They are much more practical than you may first think, especially if they are room darkening shades. In fact, there are five distinct advantages to installing room darkening shades that every homeowner and interior designer should know about.

Getting The Most Out Of Room Darkening Shades

1. Better Sleep

The most obvious benefit of room darkening shades is that they keep out sunlight during the day and exterior lights at night. Many people work the night shift and sleep during the daytime hours. Young children and babies generally take naps during the day as well. In both of these scenarios, it’s difficult to rest when the sun filters through and brightens up the room. Room darkening shades eliminate all of the outside light, leaving the room dark and comfortable for sleeping, even on the brightest of days. They are also great for city dwellers who have exterior lights shining in their rooms at night, whether they’re street lights or commercial lights from nearby businesses.

2. Less Glare

With standard shades, light leaks in around the edges, which can create glare on your television. It’s nearly impossible to see the screen when this happens. That movie you really want to see isn’t going to be as clear and you’ll certainly miss some of the action. The same holds true for your computer screen. Whether you’re playing a game, writing a paper, doing research, or simply surfing the internet, it’s pretty important to see what you’re doing. With room darkening shades, your screens will be much more visible and the glare will be completely eliminated, no matter how bright it is outside.

3. Fade Protection

No doubt, you’ve spent a great deal of time, energy and money to create the perfect home for you and your family. All of those beautiful furnishings and accents that you’ve put in are at serious risk, if you’re not careful. The truth is, sunlight can damage your carpeting, hardwood floors, furniture, artwork and other belongings over time. The best way to mitigate the bleaching effects of the sun is to block it out entirely with room darkening shades. They can be lowered during the daytime so that the sun cannot penetrate into the room, therefore, it cannot cause any damage.

4. Privacy

Shades are a great way to assure your privacy inside your home. You can relax, knowing that your neighbors and anyone walking by on the street cannot see in. However, with standard shades, you may not be getting all of the privacy that you think you are. Many times, it’s easy to see shadows and even clear images through the blinds, especially if the interior lights are on. However, with room darkening shades, no one will be able to see your silhouette when you’re inside the room. Not only that, but you are assured that your possessions are not on full display for everyone to see when you are not home.

5. Energy Savings

window with shades no shades

Heat map of two windows. Red shows energy loss. The green, which has a Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® honeycomb shade installed, is making a big impact on these folk’s utility bill.

Face it, when summer comes around, your air conditioner is your best friend. But, it’s not always able to keep up with the heat that builds up. The reason for this is that sunlight shines through your windows and the heat gets trapped inside your home. On a bright, sunny day, it can easily get uncomfortably warm. Since room darkening shades block the light from coming through, they eliminate the heat build-up that occurs during the hottest parts of the day. That means your air conditioner won’t have to work quite so hard to keep the air cool in your home. Therefore, your cooling bills will be lower, and that means you’ll be saving money every month. Rooms that face the west benefit the most from this type of window treatment. (Note: This type of window treatment also performs similarly in the winter; keeping the heat in and the cold out.)

Whether you want to get a better nights sleep, save money, improve your privacy or protect your possessions from sun damage, room darkening shades are the answer. Contact us to learn more, or to receive a free design consultation. We’re always happy to help homeowners, like yourself, find the perfect window treatments.

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