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The Best Window Treatments for French Doors

Determining the best window treatments for French doors is always a personal experience since it’s based on your style and interior decorating. Perhaps you didn’t think you’d have any possibility of being able to provide window treatments for your French doors without extreme limitations. The good news is you have plenty of options with variations on blinds, shades, and shutters.

Each type of treatment lets you bring some artistic sensibility to your French doors when you have guests in for parties. No more do you have to worry about the sun shining in and perhaps blinding guests as they sit near your doors. Ditto goes for your sense of privacy.

By using different types of blinds, shades, and shutters, you basically control the lighting and how much or how little you want coming in. They also have ways to properly fit the dimensions of your French doors without any frustrations.

We can do this for you here at Love is Blinds where we provide the best window treatment products available in America. This includes familiar names like Hunter Douglas, Kathy Ireland Home by Alta, and Norman Shutters.

Take a Look at The Types of Stylish Window Treatments for French Doors

Vertical Blinds French Doors Crosswinds Chaintassel LivingroomHorizontal or Vertical Blinds

As basic as blinds are, they provide a lot more stylized options than you think. They basically look like shutters, except with the efficiency of blinds. That’s an excellent combination, especially because blinds are more affordable.

Even better, they fit French doors well and come in wood or alternative wood to add to your interior decor. Many of our clients love the look of real wood on their horizontal blinds because the wood is always stained for more customized color choices. As a result, you’ll better match the basic color scheme of a room where your doors are.

If you’ve had trouble with blind slats on blinds shifting or sliding, these slats have tight closure so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. As always, you can open the slats at the angle you want to let a little natural light in or more. At night, you won’t have openings where someone could peek through from outside.

Using alternative wood, you save even more money while having plenty of durability. When people come and go through your French doors often, these alternative wood blinds hold up for years without harm from moisture.

Vertical blinds are another durable and economical choice for French doors. Sometimes these type of doors are hard to completely cover with horizontal blinds. In that regard, we’ll help you make the right decision on horizontal or vertical based on the door dimensions.

Roman Shades French-Doors Vigtraditional EasyriseUsing Shades

The great thing about installing shades on your French doors is that the variety of styles available are more extensive. Each variation provides different methods of controlling incoming light while also giving you different patterns for decorative matching.

Honeycomb shades, for instance, come in numerous colors while also providing plenty of energy savings. Pleated shades are almost the same with many different patterns to choose from while giving you UV protection.

Even traditional roller shades come in more fabric designs and textures than you ever thought were possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t have some customizing, including Roman and sheer shades providing cordless options for a floating effect.

Shutters French Doors Heritance Bypass LivingroomThe Timelessness of Shutters

Despite costing a little more, there isn’t anything better than the look of shutters on your French doors. You can get a classic plantation look on your French doors with the same wood options used for blinds above. With either real or alternative wood available, shutters are easy to customize with different finishes while having extreme durability.

During those times you expect your French doors to take a beating from the weather, quality shutters hold up for a lifetime thanks to their heat and moisture resistance.

Contact us here at Love is Blinds where we’ll help you find the best window treatments for French doors to take you through fall and winter.

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