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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Wood Shutters – 1

Technology is barreling on ahead of us. New materials are popping up on the market all the time. These new materials have their charms, and no one wants to stop progress. However, sometimes traditional materials are the best. They became traditional, after all, because they have properties perfect for their use, and can survive generations without a need to change. A perfect case in point is real wood shutters (also called real wood plantation shutters).

Real Wood Shutters Are Great For a Number of Reasons:

Real Wood Plantation Shutters Living Room1Wood shutters last a long time. They don’t twist or bend no matter how much abuse your children, guests, and furniture dole out to your shutters.   It can take over 350 pounds of pressure to so much as mar real wood pieces. There are materials that can make slats only 29 inches long because the material will bend if it gets stretched too far, but wood does not have this problem. You can make your wooden pieces any length. Not only this, they resist damage from the sun. Just like trees, it absorbs UV rays without problem. The wooden slats of shutters will last for generations unless you soak your shutter or burn your whole house down.

2Real wood plantation shutters have one of the widest arrays of decorative options. Wood is naturally beautiful, a warm and classic look that fits in with every interior decorating scheme, and there are so many ways to tweak the innate good looks to match the house. Wood can be glazed, distressed and painted to bring out the greatest complement to your home.

The wood components come in a variety of widths and supportive features, as well. These choices give extra decorative kick to really make your home yours. It also expands the number of windows you can use real wood plantation shutters for.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters Closeup3You can have your real wood shutters customized to just about any window, and they are incredibly versatile. The wood is strong enough to cover huge bay windows or floor length windows with ease. The wood is light enough to work for smaller windows, too. Corbelled or arched windows don’t pose any problems for wood, as it is incredibly easy to customize to a shape. Wood works in just about any place that you could possibly need them.

4It is pretty easy to care for real wood plantation shutters. Like all types of slatted shutters, they will need dusting. You just tilt the slats up and go over the them with soft-brush attachment of your vacuum, back and forth. Then tilt the slats down and vacuum the undersides. Every once in a while, you can swipe the slats with a soft, dry cloth, and this will keep your shutters as good as new. There is no call to be careful while handling the slats or to dig up particular sprays or solutions. Other materials might require you to take them down from their window. Real plantation wood shutters are very simple.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters Dining Room5Real wood plantation shutters give your home a historical grace note. The plantation shutter originated in Ancient Greece, and while the original material might have been marble, wood quickly became the default material for this style of shutter. It spread through Europe for centuries, and came to the southern section of America when the Spanish colonized the area with plantations. This is why we call them plantation shutters, and, of course, they were still wood. You will be able to say that your house has shutters that go back thousands of years.

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Real wood plantation shutters are a reminder of why traditional materials remain in our tool kit. If you want to give this timeless piece of furniture a try, you can contact us for a view of your options.

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