Buying Honeycomb Shades

honeycomb-shade compared to honeycomb-hive

From beehives to snowflakes, the hexagon is known as one of the sturdiest shapes in nature.

Honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Named for their honeycomb construction, they’re unique in several ways. Before choosing your honeycomb shades, it helps to understand your window treatment needs and what’s available. If you’re considering honeycomb shades, here are some of their benefits and varieties.

Advantages of Honeycomb Shades and Why They’re Unique

  • The cell shape (hexagon) makes them extremely sturdy.
  • They’re exceptionally attractive, stylish and soft-looking.
  • These shades provide sufficient sunlight and privacy control.
  • They can save you money in energy costs—This is because of the hexagonal-shaped cells that make it more energy-efficient than pleated shades.
  • applause_side-viewHoneycomb shades are sound absorbent.
  • You can find them in different colors and fabrics. Because they come in many different patterns and styles, you can use them to make any type of window look stylish.
  • They come in  wide range of prices that can fit the budgets of most homeowners.
  • They’re versatile and can be fit to just about any unique window shape and size.

The Various Types of Honeycomb Shades Offer Different Control Options

Standard cordlock—This type, which is managed by pulling a cord, can be locked in whatever position you want. They’re particularly ideal for people with children and pets as they’re safe.

Top down/bottom up—This variety is so-named because it can be operated from the top or from the bottom. By opening your shades from the top, you can allow sunlight to enter a room, while still maintaining your privacy. Raising your shade from the bottom and lowering it from the top, at the same time, lets in sunlight, while still keeping it private.

Continuous cord loop option—The advantage of this type is that it makes it easier to lift heavier, larger shades. If you have a hard-to-reach window, consider adding a remote-control.

applause_honeycomb-shades-veriglideCordless lift—This type offers superior functionality as you only have to use your fingertips to lift and lower your shades.

Vertical application—This type of honeycomb shade slides from one side to the other and runs vertically. It’s a good choice for large windows or sliding glass doors. Also, they can be used to divide a great room.

Room Darkening and Diffuse Optionsarchitella_honey-comb-shades-bedroom

If you need to nap or sleep during daylight hours, use room darkening honeycomb shades in your bedrooms. These also work well in children’s room and nurseries for napping  infants and kids.

They’re also perfect for eliminating the glare or television and computer screens. They also offer nighttime privacy and security because you or your shadow can’t be seen from the outside.

Cell Sizes

The smallest size, which is 3/8”, typically looks like smaller pleats. The traditional width and style of pleated blinds is a cell size that’s ½”.The next smallest one is a 9/16” cell size  and comes in single layer shades. This is  a good cell-sizes-and-colorsoption for deep windows.

A 7/8” cell size comes in either a single or double layer and works well with windows that are deep as well as shallow. The 1” cell size is considered to be a large size and only comes in single layers. Use these for deep sills and windows.

The largest size, which is 2”, is intended for large windows. Because of its large size, it’s known for its superior energy insulation and sound control. It just comes in single layers, giving it a traditional, clean appearance.


The larger the cell size is, the more insulated it is because the cells are able to trap air in the pockets.
Although you can use them in almost any room, they’re particularly ideal for living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and dens. The top down/bottom up option is especially excellent for offices and bathrooms.

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