Different Types of Window Treatments

types of window coverings

Discover The Different Types of Window Treatments Available and Show Off Your Own Personal Style Horizontal Blinds Rich woods & alternative woods with the look of shutters & efficiency of blinds. Wood Real wood can be stained and offers more color options Lighter than faux wood blinds Less expensive than shutters Slats won’t shift or slide Tight closure Alternative Wood Less expensive – real wood look at a fraction of … Read More →

Window Covering Comparison – Quick, Easy Guide

window covering comparison

As a smart consumer, we know you like to do research before buying. That’s why we’ve included a window covering comparison quick guide to get you started “window shopping.” Hopefully you’ll find our guide as easy as comparing apples to oranges. As always, please feel free to call 314-808-3440 or click if you have questions. Click on the following links for a detailed breakdown of the different types of window … Read More →

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