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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Wood Shutters – 2

Buy Real Wood Shutters Featured Image

In Part 1 of “10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Wood Shutters,” we talked about the traditional value of real wood shutters (also called real wood plantation shutters), their longevity, how versatile they are, and care information. Today we will discuss some of the benefits. Conscientious homeowners examine the options regarding window treatments for many reasons. Energy efficiency and aesthetics are only two considerations for which homeowners look in … Read More →

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Wood Shutters – 1

Real Wood Shutters

Technology is barreling on ahead of us. New materials are popping up on the market all the time. These new materials have their charms, and no one wants to stop progress. However, sometimes traditional materials are the best. They became traditional, after all, because they have properties perfect for their use, and can survive generations without a need to change. A perfect case in point is real wood shutters (also … Read More →

If Plantation Shutters Aren’t Your Thing, We Got It Covered!


Windows are put in structures because they allow air and light to enter. Window dressings were devised to keep out drafts and nosy neighbors. What windows need is a balance between the two, and it would help if the balance was attractive. Homeowners have quite a few choices, custom or otherwise, if they don’t like plantation shutters. Depending on the direction and intensity of the light, the shape, height and … Read More →

Blinds and Shades – So What’s the Difference?

Blinds and Shades What's the Difference

As you decorate you new home this fall, perhaps you’ve looked at your windows and pointedly asked yourself: “blinds or shades – what’s the difference?” The answer to that isn’t overly simple, though you can generally say it’s a difference in material. Even more concise, blinds and shades come down to the difference between hard and soft materials, which matters in personal interior decorating preferences. Despite this definition, a lot … Read More →

The Pros of Buying Pleated Shades


Pleated shades have been around for quite a while. They were originally used to provide the softness of draperies without the heaviness of curtains. Window treatment magazines advertised them in the early 1980’s, touted as the way to make your home the most comfortable it could be. The shades continue to please people, and it isn’t too much of a wonder when you consider them from all sides. Their usefulness … Read More →

How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds

How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds

We’ve all done it. We sprayed our favorite cleaner on our wooden window blinds, and then we reached for the paper towels to wipe them clean. What we saw happen before our eyes was the cleaner and dust mixing into a gross mess. The blinds didn’t look clean even after we gave it one more spray and wipe. That taught us to dust the blinds before we sprayed cleaner on … Read More →

The Best Window Treatments for French Doors


Determining the best window treatments for French doors is always a personal experience since it’s based on your style and interior decorating. Perhaps you didn’t think you’d have any possibility of being able to provide window treatments for your French doors without extreme limitations. The good news is you have plenty of options with variations on blinds, shades, and shutters. Each type of treatment lets you bring some artistic sensibility … Read More →

Adding Power Window Treatments To Your Home


Window treatments are a great investment, and now you can get more for your money by adding power to your window treatments. For most of us, the added option of using power window treatments will help to make our on the go lifestyle a little more comfortable. Below we will discuss how power window treatments work to make your lifestyle a little easier and your home a lot more comfortable … Read More →

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen: A Pop of Color


For a long time we’ve all been told that neutral sells a house. Walls are white, cream or beige, carpets are beige or kakhi, and window treatments are just as bland. Acceptable colors have graduated from ecru, eggshell, and all the way to a spectrum of dull greys. What personality a home has is evident in creative window treatments, pops of color in furnishings, accessories, and art. The trouble is … Read More →

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Using Color, Windows, and Consolidation


You’ve perhaps had the same kitchen design for years and finally want to change things up. Thinking of creative ways to decorate your kitchen isn’t simple, though, when you consider you’re probably long used to a certain way of decorating. Nevertheless, you obviously still want a kitchen that’s easier to move around in, more economical, and more practical than you’ve had all along. It’s possible to achieve the above without … Read More →

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