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5 Tips to Selecting Window Treatments For Bay Windows


Bay windows add a special feel to any room. These sought-after architectural masterpieces let in extra light, make rooms look more spacious and sometimes even offer additional seating. However, deciding on window treatments for bay windows can be challenging. Elaborate draperies block the beauty of the construction of your window. However, leaving them uncovered leaves them looking bare and unfinished, in addition to offering no privacy. How can you find … Read More →

Choosing Plantation Shutters: Real Wood or Composite Wood?


There is nothing that says quality like custom installed plantation shutters. Not only are they the perfect complement for any decor, whether traditional or contemporary, they are also energy-efficient. Plantation shutters got their name because they were used in large plantation homes in the South. The design sets them apart by the by their louvers and divider rails. They are increasingly popular as they add great value to a home. … Read More →

Tips to Protect Your Furniture & Carpet From Sun Damage

ptect furniture & carpet from sun damage

Summer is here! After our cold winter and our cool spring, the heat and sunshine are “warm” welcome. We all know the ultraviolet (UV) rays will damage your skin and eyes, but did you know these same UV rays can cause irreversible damage to your furniture and carpet? While these UV rays can cause fading, there are ways you can protect your furniture & carpet from sun damage. Practical Ways … Read More →

Discover Why Sheer Shades Offer Homeowners The Best Of Both Worlds


Sheers offers a nice diffusion of light while shades creates as much privacy as you need. Sheer Shades offer the best of both worlds for your home or office. These amazing window treatments cast an enchanting effect of natural light across your rooms while also offering complete privacy when needed. Their appealing modern look and versatile motorized options make them an unbeatable choice. Hunter Douglas® Offers Six Kinds of Sheer … Read More →

Woven Wood Window Shades For A Natural, Warm Feel

woven wood window shades st louis

Woven wood window shades are a versatile window treatment that will give your home or office a warm, natural feel. Best of all, they come in hundreds of designs, textures, shapes and sizes. These shades are completely customizable to complement any interior design for a traditional, yet modern look. There are two types of woven woods, woven textures and woven shades. Each are completely flexible in both design and style. … Read More →

Designer Roller Shades From Hunter Douglas® Are In A Class Of Their Own

designer roller shades hunter douglas

Designer Roller Shades are an exciting innovation in window design that will give your home or office the clean, high-end look that most professional, (and amateur), designers crave. They come in hundreds of fabric colors and weights, and have dozens of customizable features that allow you to design the perfect shade for your decor theme.
There are four basic styles of Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas® that come in different lengths and widths. These include: Designer Roller Shades, Designer Screens Shades, Alustra® Screen Shades and Alustra® Roller Shades. Each style has its own unique look and purpose.

These amazing designer roller shades and designer screen shades can make any room look like a luxury suite or high-end penthouse. They are dramatic and stunning, yet simple and tasteful. These are definitely not the plastic shades from back in the day! Read More →

Blinds or Shades: Choosing The Right Window Treatment

blinds shades window treatment choices

The right window treatment can enhance the beauty of a room, create a child-safe environment, increase energy efficiency, and add value to your home. At Love is Blinds, we know that choosing the proper window treatment is a big part of decorating your new home or updating your existing one. Adding new window treatments can be a major investment, and our primary goal is to make your  decision as easy … Read More →

Invest in Energy-Efficient Window Blinds and Shades


With all of the dreary, stormy days of winter finally over, we can begin enjoying the sunshine again. With spring upon us, the weather is warming up, and we are once again enjoying the benefits of the beautiful sunshine. With the sun shining straight into your windows, and heating up your home, this may be the precise time to invest in energy-efficient window blinds and shades. The bright sunshine is … Read More →

Blinds, Shades, Shutters Cleaning Tips


Blinds, shades and shutters are all attractive window coverings with their own unique advantages. Regardless of which one you choose, regular cleaning is important if they are to continue looking nice. Here are blinds, shades, shutters cleaning tips that will make the job much easier for you. Blinds An easy way to clean blinds is to place an old sock on your finger, and then dampen it slightly with a … Read More →

5 Benefits of Installing Room Darkening Shades


Shades, no matter what type, are meant to block out the outside world from the interior of your home. They keep your space private from your neighbors and passers-by. Shades are one of the simplest window treatments on the market, but don’t let that fool you. They are much more practical than you may first think, especially if they are room darkening shades. In fact, there are five distinct advantages … Read More →

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