Cheap Blinds Can Be Stylish With These Decoration Tips

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People often think that cheap blinds have to be ugly or unappealing. This is a silly mistake: there are multiple ways that you can update the style of your inexpensive blinds.

Dispelling the Cheap Blinds Myth

Follow these simple blind selection and decoration tips to transform those cheap blinds into an entirely new bold fashion statement. Don’t be afraid to experiment with even cooler ideas when it comes time to install your blinds.

Cheap Blinds Decoration Tips Roller BlindsUse Roller Shades

Roller shades are a type of cheap blinds that look great while not costing you a fortune. Roller shades are made of a simple vinyl material that rolls up and down on a top-mounted roller. Simply pull the shade down to cover the window and give it a quick tug when it’s pulled down to roll it back on itself.

One of the nicest things about roller shades is that they lack perforations: the whole-cloth material blocks out a higher level of light. They can also be decorated in a variety of ways, depending on their location. A simple paint job can help them match any room.

For a kid’s room, fun stickers can be plastered on the material    that gives them the chance to personalize their own unique style. They can even be colored on with erasable markers.

Try Out Bamboo Blinds

If roller blinds don’t quite match your personal style, try bamboo blinds. While they have a similar “rolling” action, they are made of a bamboo-style material. Most bamboo blinds are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a great choice for people trying to save a few bucks.

The best place to install bamboo blinds is the bedroom: they will let in just enough (slightly shaded) light to create a moody and atmospheric look. Bamboo blinds also work in homes emulating Asian decoration styles.

Cheap Blinds Decoration Tips Reveal CordlockMatch The Color of the Room

If you can’t afford to buy specialized blinds, you always have the option of buying inexpensive blinds that match the color of your room. You’d be surprised at how often this works: if you can find cheap blinds that match the interior color scheme of your room, they’ll look better.

Finding the right color requires understanding the way color schemes work. Complimentary colors such as red and green avoid creating annoying and distracting color scheme clashes. However, before you choose your blind color, consider how it will be influenced by the sun.

Blinds have light shining on them for most of the day. As a result, their color will look slightly lighter than normal during sunny days. If your room is filled with darker colors, you should try to buy blinds that are just a shade darker than the colors in your room. That way, they’ll match more closely when the sun starts to shine.

Cheap Blinds Decoration Tips ParklandDecorate Near the Blinds

Once you’ve matched your blinds with your interior color scheme, you can add cute little decorations on the wall near the blinds. These decorations will draw the eye and accentuate the blind’s style.

For example, a little lace along the top and the edges will create a frilly look that is perfect for more delicate sensibilities. However, framed pictures also help create an eye-catching style, especially if you match the frame color to the blinds and choose a picture that goes well with the room.

Family pictures are great for a sitting room, while sports shots are preferable for a den. Pictures of animals and other wild-life scenes work great for game trophy rooms.

Drapes also make a great choice to spruce up inexpensive blinds. You can always find curtains on sale at retail stores, or hunt for great bargains at neighborhood garage sales.

If you’re you’re on a budget, we definitely understand. Should you decide you’d like our help and want to schedule a Free Design Consultation, we’d be happy to discuss some low-cost, affordable options. We offer a no-hassle, easy, and fun way for you to find the blinds that suit your needs.

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