Child-Proof Your Blinds

child-proof your blinds

Though it doesn’t always make the headlines, there is a silent killer lurking in your home. Though window blinds add beauty to any room, they also add danger for small children. When window blinds and small children mix, you are risking fatal strangulation. Like most other dangers to children in the home, you can child-proof your blinds, to an extent.

It’s Super Easy to Child-Proof Your Blinds, Here’s How…

The first step to making your blinds safer is making sure the child’s bed, or any chairs or couches, are moved far enough away from the widow that the blinds can’t be touched. After that, you should then check your drawstrings. No matter what type of blinds you have, there is a very large chance that you have drawstrings. Keep the child safe by cutting them as short as they can be, or installing a cleat for them to wrap around. Though even with them short and a cleat installed, they can still pose a threat. Add even more safety to them by pinning them up, high above the child’s reach.

Some blinds have chains that hang down, and these can pose a danger to small children. Keep your child safe using safety restraints to keep the chains high out of reach. Some vertical blinds also have chains at the bottom, keeping the louvers together. These can pose a serious threat to children. One way to make them safer is by gluing the chain to each louver, so the child has less chain to grab a hold of. However, gluing them can prevent them from closing all the way.

As you can see from this short list, there are many ways to prevent a child from getting hurt around blinds. All it takes is sacrificing a little beauty, and you will receive safety in return. If, at all possible though, you should try to get blinds controlled by wands or that are cordless. These are by far the safest blinds, and most of the time no modifications need to be done to them, because they usually don’t come with drawstrings or chains. If getting those is not what you want to do, remember this list and all the ways children can get hurt. At least make the blinds you get safer for your children.

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