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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen: A Pop of Color

For a long time we’ve all been told that neutral sells a house. Walls are white, cream or beige, carpets are beige or kakhi, and window treatments are just as bland. Acceptable colors have graduated from ecru, eggshell, and all the way to a spectrum of dull greys. What personality a home has is evident in creative window treatments, pops of color in furnishings, accessories, and art. The trouble is that now homeowners are tired of boring neutrals and want some extra spice in their homes, beginning with the kitchen.

Here Are Some Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen:

A Splash of Color

A Splash of Color

We all remember the retro colors of kitchen appliances, but now they have segued to more exciting colors like turquoise, royal blue and fire-engine red. Some homeowners have applied wildly patterned and colored wall paper around the cabinets and appliances instead of interestingly colored tiled back splashes. What is trending now are shades of greens and blues, or plum, turquoise, and rusty reds and browns. Color gives your kitchen life, making it the perfect place for your family to gather.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

Let’s say a homeowner chooses boldly printed wallpaper to liven up the kitchen. Accessories would either complement or match the colors in the wallpaper. So many dinnerware manufacturers include teapots, milk and cream pitchers, tea pitchers, canisters and so many more accessories to their place settings that it’s almost impossible not to get at least one of them. Kitchens with several of these pieces in varying colors like harvest gold, summer green, cobalt blue, baby pink, and so forth, will be alive with color.

Remember those three foot spoon, fork and knife sets homeowners of yesteryear hung in the kitchen? They’re still out there, but now homeowners are painting them in vibrant colors, attaching ribbons to them or dried flowers, greenery or wisps of dried grains. Candelabras, wall decals, herb pots, retro signs such as that found in country-type restaurants, and panels attached to the wall beneath cabinets and appliances are just some of the creative ways to decorate your kitchen.

Matching Color of Window Treatments

Matching Window Treatments

Thinking about matching your colors in the kitchen with your window treatments? Continue the theme with the huge selection of Love Is Blinds window treatments in a complementary shade! Making your blinds, shutters, or shades the same color as your walls and appliances is a great way to bring harmony into the room. Wooden blinds and sheer shades are a great option for new modern look. Adding this balance to your kitchen can make it feel inviting, warm, and stylish!

Storage Decor

Storage Décor

Storage is one of the most important things about a kitchen that worries homeowners. Some imaginative cooks have solved the problem using baskets. Baskets that rest on legs are the perfect storage place for potatoes, onions and other produce. Woven baskets and wire baskets come in all shapes and sizes and can store everything from produce to table linens and an overstock of herbs and spices. Lining with brightly colored cloth or tying with beautifully patterned and colored ribbons make these decorations look effortless.

For over 20 years, Love is Blinds has been helping St. Louis see the light through high quality and professionally installed window treatments. When you’re ready to redecorate with these creative ways to decorate your kitchen in mind,  please contact us for more information and a free design consultation.

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