Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Using Color, Windows, and Consolidation


You’ve perhaps had the same kitchen design for years and finally want to change things up. Thinking of creative ways to decorate your kitchen isn’t simple, though, when you consider you’re probably long used to a certain way of decorating. Nevertheless, you obviously still want a kitchen that’s easier to move around in, more economical, and more practical than you’ve had all along.

It’s possible to achieve the above without being overly ostentatious in your new decoration or remodel. In many cases, subtlety works better through the use of simpler added amenities in your kitchen or how much natural light you bring in.

You’ll also be surprised at how much your kitchen could change for the better with new windows. This isn’t to say using your ingenuity on re-arranging your kitchen layout can’t make your kitchen become close to a new family room.

Considering we all spend as much time in our kitchens as we do in a living room or bathroom, it’s worth your time to apply your distinct creativity to redecorating.

Here Are Some Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen:

Applause Ultra Glide Hunter DouglasAn Open Kitchen Near a Family Room

Kitchens that open up into a living area are a popular option now since it helps consolidate places where visitors hang out. It also allows for faster transitions when visitors at a party want to keep conversations going. If you’re a type of person who prefers having people around you to converse with as you prepare food, an open kitchen is a great and creative way to re-decorate this part of your home.

An open kitchen is particularly great when you feel too claustrophobic in an enclosed kitchen area. With surrounding windows, the chances for natural light are so much greater as well, making for a more spacious feel.

Reveal Hunter DouglasMaking Your Kitchen Island Like a Bar

Kitchen islands are in practically every modern kitchen nowadays, though you don’t seldom see them turned into a bar, or what some call a breakfast bar. HGTV shows how you can create a breakfast bar out of a kitchen island to create a feel of more informal dining.

By adding some stools or pub-style seating, you create a perfect place for a chat with friends without having to set a dining table. The kitchen island can even get made so you have enough space to prepare food on the same counter top for immediate response about any food experiments.

DStudio Hunter DouglasFinding the Right Decorative Color

It’s amazing how color can create certain moods, and even allow a room to feel larger. Take it seriously when you start applying new colors to your kitchen redecoration. If you’ve long battled with the problem of your kitchen feeling too small, more neutral colors like white can already provide a less closed-in feeling.

Using white on larger areas of your kitchen allows more freedom to update the smaller items like the textiles around your floor. Working in tandem with new windows, you have even more ways to make your kitchen a more inviting environment.

Provenance Hunter DouglasInstalling New Windows to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

There isn’t anything better than natural light in a kitchen, because it allows you to see details as you prepare food. A kitchen with few windows and artificial light can affect you psychologically and not always provide enough light in nooks around the kitchen as you prepare elaborate meals.

You can save money on using so much artificial light when you allow windows to surround your kitchen. When you use something like casement windows, for instance, you have an easy open method to let fresh air in for a healthier cooking environment. Plus, you’ll feel like you have more space, which is important for increasing the comfort level of you and your guests.

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