Finding Custom Window Blinds for Odd-Shaped Windows


When new homeowners have designed their own homes, there’s little question regarding the window treatments of odd-shaped windows. Homeowners who bought someone else’s house, however, need a way to cover odd-shaped windows. Some are straightforward round, diamond or arch shaped windows. The placement and shape of some windows, though, make the new homeowners wonder how much sleep the architect had missed when he designed the house. Homeowners take heart, because we can help you with custom shaped window blinds for any odd-shaped window you throw at us!

odd-shaped windows bay windowsHome Design

Square windows and bay windows are a snap to cover with blinds and plantation shutters. They are normal, and you see them every day. Some architects, for whatever reason, place bathrooms behind the Palladian window over the front door. There are times when that bathroom has a porthole window beside the toilet. Windows are placed in hallways to give them light, and the windows are almost always crescent-moon shaped or  another odd shape. Due to wiring or plumbing issues, quite a few bedroom windows are at right angles to each other. We’ve seen windows placed atop the main windows, windows between other windows and windows over doors. All of them were odd-shaped windows. While it gives a house an interesting character, it can be a nightmare to cover them. That’s where we come in.

odd-shaped windows small window treatmentsAbout Shapes

Windows are about light and vision. It is a recorded statistical fact that natural light affects behavior, emotions and the body. Of course, we can see better, but natural light makes us cheerful and motivated. Placed in a dark hallway, windows give us guidance, even if it’s from moonlight. Placed over doors, windows give us necessary light when we can’t find the keyhole at night. A crescent-moon shaped window is just right for a dark hallway, while a porthole window or an arch over the front door would be just enough light to find our keys. While balance in window placement is aesthetically pleasing, windows should also serve a useful function.

The style of the house often dictates the shape of the windows. For example, an A-Frame house pretty much demands triangular windows. Windows on upper levels of the A-Frame house often have angles no mathematician learned from a geometry book. Those who have remodeled their attic spaces into an apartment, home office, home gym or just an extra bedroom will know what we mean by odd-shaped windows. The windows will follow the angles of the building and roof. These are straightforward angles and easy to cover with custom blinds. These and arches over square windows are the most sought-after shapes in custom-blinds-making.

odd shaped windows lightlines cordlockCoverings

If you look online, you’ll find almost no tutorials on making your own custom blinds. There’s a good reason for that. To make your own custom blinds, you must begin with one you bought, cheaply or not, from a store. This begs the question, why bother to make them yourself when someone has already made them? Constructing custom blinds in odd shapes is the purview of the pros, because they have manufacturing equipment that the homeowner doesn’t have.

Such equipment can manufacture a fan-type blind to cover an arched window over doors or other windows. Love is Blinds features Hunter Douglas with their Heritance and New Style lines for just such a window. For an angled window, Hunter Douglas, Norman and Alta each make their own line for the homeowners’ convenience. Angled and square windows are Norman’s specialty. Colors, vane width and child safety features are only a few of the choices for homeowners choosing treatments for odd-shaped windows. We invite you to have some fun with it!

For help with covering odd-shaped windows, why not work with people that “Love” what they do? Having fun and accepting the challenges of the job make Love is Blinds different from most window covering companies. Homeowners will enjoy working with a company that offers quality products, quality workmanship and affordability. We’ll be happy to tell you more about it when you contact us for more information.

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