Designer Roller Shades From Hunter Douglas® Are In A Class Of Their Own

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Our Designer Roller Shades Will Make Your Wall Hangings Jealous

Designer Roller Shades are an exciting innovation in window design that will give your home or office the clean, high-end look that most professional, (and amateur), designers crave. They come in hundreds of fabric colors and weights, and have dozens of customizable features that allow you to design the perfect shade for your decor theme.


There are four basic styles of Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas® that come in different lengths and widths. These include: Designer Roller Shades, Designer Screens Shades, Alustra® Screen Shades and Alustra® Roller Shades. Each style has its own unique look and purpose.

These amazing designer roller shades and designer screen shades can make any room look like a luxury suite or high-end penthouse. They are dramatic and stunning, yet simple and tasteful. These are definitely not the plastic shades from back in the day!

Look At All These Options

• Panel size
• Vane size
• Fold size
• Slat size
• Pleat size
• Privacy level (from sheer to opaque)
• Soil and dirt resistance level
• Safety features
• Warranty
• Green Guard Certification option
• Insulation option
• Solar heat control option
• Sound absorption level
• Regular or Bay window style and more!

4 Styles To Help You Get Your Design On

Designer Roller Shades are classic and versatile. They come in widths of 12″-115″ and heights of 12″-120″; colors and patterns that will match every design scheme,(including abstracts, florals and solids); and fabric weights from sheer to opaque. You can search for your ideal shade by color family and style. In addition, they block UV rays.

designerroller_closed_4Designer Screen Shades offer superior UV protection and a translucent beauty that allows natural sunlight to shine into patios, indoor gardens, sun rooms, or any room you feel needs plentiful natural light. These shades come in a stunning color palette with many natural shades and jewel tones. They are easy to clean and come in widths of 12″-192,” and heights of 12″-144″.

Alustra® Screen Shades come in dozens of luxurious fabrics. They also feature high-end metal hardware with finishes like brushed nickel, bronze shimmer and antique gold. These contemporary shades feature extensive upscale detailing and are the perfect option for more expensive home or office decor themes. They offer excellent solar protection and are compatible with home automation systems. These beautiful shades come in widths of 12″-98,” and heights of 12″-144.”

Alustra® Designer Roller Shades offer you elegant roller shade styling, coupled with unique styles that can reflect more creative or natural decor themes. They offer a more practical alternative to solar screens and woven woods, and feature metal hardware and fabrics that filter light beautifully. If you want to feature unique fibers in your home, Alustra Roller Shades are a perfect choice. These shades come in widths of 12″-120,” and heights of 12″-120.”

Designer Roller Shades Are An Exciting New Decor Option That Are Rapidly Becoming A Design Staple.

Their benefits include that they:

• Allow you to control the level of sunlight in your home or office,
• Come in design styles that work well for both homes and luxury offices,
• Are both durable and stylish,
• Are simple and use a single roller-based mechanism, that you can even motorize and control with a remote,
• Help save you money when you choose options that offer both UV protection and insulation,
• Feature simple lines and design schemes that add a calming feel to any room,
• Fit windows in a close, seamless way, making them complimentary to modern decor themes, and
• Come in styles that are natural, artistic, traditional, opulent, cosmopolitan, contemporary, and so much more.


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