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If Plantation Shutters Aren’t Your Thing, We Got It Covered!

Windows are put in structures because they allow air and light to enter. Window dressings were devised to keep out drafts and nosy neighbors. What windows need is a balance between the two, and it would help if the balance was attractive. Homeowners have quite a few choices, custom or otherwise, if they don’t like plantation shutters. Depending on the direction and intensity of the light, the shape, height and width of the windows as well as the need for illumination, there are several alternatives to plantation shutters. First, though, let’s examine the windows.


Bay WindowThese usually come one to a room upstairs and two to a room downstairs. Security-wise, window treatments are more necessary downstairs than upstairs. Downstairs is where the electronics, some home offices, most of the artworks and other expensive items are on display. Additionally, the kids do homework at the kitchen table, food is prepared in the kitchen and most family members read or work on projects downstairs. Good light is therefore necessary there. Upstairs is generally where most families watch TV on their beds, goof off away from each other and prepare for the next day. Light is generally not as important there. Homeowners dedicate the majority of their efforts and money on the windows downstairs.

These windows tend to be bigger than what’s upstairs. Many homes have whole banks of windows from floor to ceiling in the family room, while the formal living room and possibly the formal dining room are graced by bay windows. Other homes might have the bay windows, but the family room opens onto the deck from French doors. Whatever the size of the windows, the light means two things to families. The first is that they need to see something. The second is that the power of the light can cause damage. That’s where Love is Blinds enters the picture.

Window Treatments

There are plenty of people to whom plantation shutters are not the main reason for life, but they wonder what to use on their windows. Some like the look of wood while others prefer cloth. Families need safety solutions when they have small children who wrap themselves in drapery cords, kittens that bat drapery cords, and puppies who gnaw on floor to ceiling window treatments.  More mature homeowners might need window treatments with remote control, so their arthritic fingers catch a break from using drapery cords and blind wands. Young folks just starting out might not be able to afford plantation shutters even if they did like them.

Let’s take a look at the alternatives to plantation shutters:

Interior Window ShuttersInterior shutters. These have no resemblance whatever to those outside the house. Interior shutters are chunks of wood mirroring a kitchen cabinet door. Trending now is interior shutters with panels arranged to look like a barn door complete with barn door hardware. They are arranged on a sliding track, so the homeowner can adjust for the right amount of light. Interior shutters are made to fit any size window. They can even be made to fit a window like plantation shutters, either on the bottom of the window, somewhere in between or at the top, wherever the light is most punishing.

Dark Wooden Window BlindsWood blinds. The elegance and warmth of wood can be yours, and they’ll even look something like shutters. Inside flush mount wooden blinds look like they’re part of the window frame. The kitten, puppy and kids won’t have protruding controls with which to bat, play or nibble. These blinds will be adjusted by remote control for light when you want it. Blinds, too, can be loaded into a window at the height you wish in order to block the harmful rays of the sun but still shed light on the rooms in question.

Woven wood roller shades. Some are made of tiny rods smaller than a pencil. Others are made of slats of whatever width you wish. Some are so thin you can see through them. Whatever your preference, wood roller shades provide the same barrier as other wooden window treatments. These, too, may be mounted inside the window frame for a flush look and controlled by the same remote. How cool is it to see through real wood in your shades?

Alustra Vignette Roman ShadesAlustra Vignette Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas. Want the look of wood without the wood? Inside flush mount Roman shades offer the soft texture of cloth with the impression of wood. Fabric covers every little part of the window treatment for seamless functionality. It’s gorgeous, too.

Honeycomb shades. When the light shines through them, these window treatments by Kathy Ireland Home by Alta do give the impression of slats in blinds. They are cloth, though, with the trademark honeycomb between the layers of cloth. Fitted inside the window, they would still provide privacy, light and its damage control.

You don’t have to like plantation shutters to enjoy the benefits of wooden window treatments. We want you to LOVE everything about your home including the window treatments. Our designers will work with you on every aspect of your window coverings, professionally install your choices and make sure you are happy with the results. We’ve had 20 years of experience making you happy with your home and we’d LOVE for you to contact us for more details.

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