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How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds

We’ve all done it. We sprayed our favorite cleaner on our wooden window blinds, and then we reached for the paper towels to wipe them clean. What we saw happen before our eyes was the cleaner and dust mixing into a gross mess. The blinds didn’t look clean even after we gave it one more spray and wipe. That taught us to dust the blinds before we sprayed cleaner on them. Wooden window blinds, however, are a horse of a different color. Wood is porous and requires special care to keep the blinds looking glorious. Here are a few ideas we’ve picked up to show you the best way to clean wooden window blinds without taking them down.

Dusting Wooden Window Blinds

Light-Wooden-Window-BlindsThis is one of the most pointless and burdensome jobs anyone can think up, but it has to be done, right? Those who live around high-traffic areas and out in the country understand the need for dusting. Of course, prevention is the best thing. Your wooden window blinds should be dusted along with the rest of the furniture. But if you’re the kind to leave it until it can no longer be ignored, then there are dozens of tools to help with this task. Swiffer dusters, microfiber mitts, and long brush-ended vacuum attachments are a few. Some people swear by dryer fabric softening sheets, while others prefer using wet wipes like ones by Pledge. Swiffer dusters and vacuum attachments can reach the top of the blinds, but those who are not in possession of these things need help. That’s where a broom or a soft-bristled brush enters the picture. You can dust with the broom, or climb on a chair and brush the dust away.

Keep in mind that commercially prepared home cleaners contain nasty chemicals that can damage your fine wooden things. For example, you wouldn’t spray glass cleaner or scrubbing bubbles on your wooden coffee and end tables, would you? Then why would you use harsh chemicals on your wooden window blinds? If you’re going to use something wet with which to dust your wooden blinds, grab vinegar or lemon juice. Mix half and half with water, then spray it on your blinds and wipe it clear with a microfiber cloth. These collect more dirt, grime and moisture than standard cotton cloths. Wipe once more with clear cold water to remove any dusty muck.

Cleaning Wooden Window Blinds

While dusting is a necessity, sometimes things get grimy from other sources. Animal dander, yellow pine dust in the Southern states, and the stickiness left from humidity and dust attacking in the summer all leave a mess on wooden window blinds. A cleaning formula is needed, but what kind? We discussed above the need for non-chemical cleaners on wood surfaces. Natural cleaners are a preferable way to go. Remember that water, by itself, should never be used on wood furniture or blinds. It warps the wood. Oils both clean and shine the wood, so using an oil-based cleaner like Dr. Bronner’s Soap, made with olive oil and essential oils is a winner.

Dark-Wooden-Window-BlindsIf you want to use what’s in the kitchen cabinets, though, you can’t go wrong with vinegar, lemon and olive oil. Mixing the vinegar and olive oil half and half, you’ll notice the vinegar cleans while the oil soaks into the wood. Your blinds will look shiny and new! In another natural cleaning formula, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with ten drops of lemon oil and a few drops of jojoba oil for natural and wonderful smelling wood furniture and blinds cleaner and polish in one. Did you know that plain white toothpaste cleans water marks off wood furniture? If you left the windows open, then rain marks might have stained your wooden blinds. Rub the toothpaste in gently and wipe off to remove the water stains on your blinds. Mayonnaise works as well. Rub a little into the water spots and leave over night. Gently rub it off the next day. And we think this one is brilliant: don’t toss out the beer not finished from last night’s game. Wipe it onto your wooden window blinds to clean them. Buff with a soft cloth afterward.

We are certainly happy to help you keep your Love is Blinds wooden window blinds clean and sparkling with these cleaning ideas. We LOVE guiding you as you choose between Hunter Douglas, Alta and Norman window treatments. With over 20 years experience in the field, along with knowledge and a high rating of customer service, we can’t wait for you to contact us so we can help you!

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