How to Measure for Window Treatments Like a Pro


Tools You’ll Need to Measure for Window Treatments: Steel Measuring Tape, Pencil, and Paper.

Custom-made window coverings can be the crowning jewel of any room. The huge advantage to customization is getting a perfect fit, no awkward gaps or bunched up material. However, a perfect fit starts with the perfect measurement, a task that seems daunting, but can be accomplished by following these simple steps.

Helpful Guidelines for How to Measure for Window Treatments

drapes how to measure for window treatments1. How to Measure for Drapes

Drape measurements are more forgiving than shades and blinds. However, you still want to ensure an accurate fit. First, measure the width of the area you would like to cover. To add fullness, the width is typically multiplied by 1.8 inches by your manufacturer. Many decorators prefer to add from six to 12 inches to each side of the window frame or door. This makes the space look bigger and allows the drapes to open wider, letting in more natural light.

Next, you need to measure your desired length. As with the width, many prefer their drapes to be mounted one to three inches above the window or door framing. If your drapes will be opened frequently, it’s generally recommended that you leave about a half-inch gap on the bottom to avoid wear and tear.

Remember to consider your hardware. For example, drapes that hang from curtain rings will need to be measured from where the drape attaches to the ring, as opposed to drapes made with grommets, which have fabric that will extend above the curtain rod.

roller shades how to measure for window treatments2. How to Measure for Roller Shades

Before beginning the measuring process for roller shades, you first need to decide if you want an inside or outside mount.

For inside mount, measure the inside width at the top of the window. Next, measure the inside height in three locations, left, middle and right. Record the largest.

For outside mounted shades, measure the space you want to cover. Generally, about two inches is added to each side for the width so that the window is fully covered. Similarly for height, measure the area you wish to cover.

roman shades how to measure for window treatments3. How to Measure for Roman Shades

As with roller shades, you can opt for inside or outside mount with roman shades.

For inside mount width, measure in three locations, top, middle and bottom and record the smallest measurement. Measure inside height on the left, middle and right, but this time record the largest measurement.

For outside mount, simply measure the area you wish to cover. As with roller shades, an additional two inches on each side is standard. Your manufacturer will know how much fabric to add to account for the folds in the roman shades. You only need to measure the area you need to cover.

wooden shutters how to measure for window treatments4. How to Measure for Wood Shutters and Blinds

Once again, your measuring strategy for wood shutters and blinds depends on whether you are doing an inside or outside mount. Follow the instructions for roman shades for both. It’s important to note that with any inside mounted window treatment, your window depth must be sufficient. Typically, 3.5 inches in depth is needed.

To ensure a custom fit, be sure to measure each window. Even when windows appear similar, they are often not exactly the same. Always record width, then height to the nearest 1/8 inch. Measure from left to right and top to bottom using a steel measuring tape, not a cloth one. Remember to provide your manufacturer with the exact measurements of the space you want covered. They will make any needed adjustments.

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