Indoor Window Shutters Throughout Your Home for Summer Gatherings in St. Louis


Indoor Window Shutters Livingroom Hunter DouglasNow that summer is here, you’re likely planning more indoor family gatherings or parties with friends. However, because you possibly live in a warmer climate and an open area where the sun hits your home daily, perhaps you need some new window treatments. Indoor window shutters are one of the best choices you can make if you want unique design options and a partially darkened room while you entertain guests. Maintenance is also easier thanks to use of specific materials.

While shutters cost a little more, they’re more than worth it if you want some style on every window in your home. Take a look at why you’ll love these when wanting to better manage the light coming in to specific rooms of your house.

Plus, for those who prefer wood on their shutters, you have options that still won’t make upkeep a burden.

What Rooms Are Best for Indoor Window Shutters?

Indoor Window Shutters Newstyle Fronttiltbar Kitchen Hunter DouglasRooms where you want some natural light coming in without blocking the sun completely are the ideal places for indoor window shutters. Kitchens are one perfect place because you always want a little natural light coming in without it being a problem. Considering the kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home (other than the living room), you don’t want the sun beating in there and shining in someone’s face or eye at the wrong time as you converse.

Indoor Window Shutters Palmbeach Truview Hunter DouglasWith attached tiltbar options, you can better manage the sun direction coming in. This helps bring some beauty in how light enters a specific room, especially in saunas and sun rooms, which are ideal places for shutters. The same goes for bathrooms if you and your guests prefer natural light there. Bathrooms always feel more inviting with some sunlight coming, plus when coupled with shutters providing excellent privacy.

Resistance to the Sun

If you have the sun coming in from another direction and constantly hitting your shutters, you can rest assure that it’s UV resistant to prevent any deterioration. All shutters from major names like Hunter Douglas, Alta, and Norman have the utmost in durability from excessive heat or even moisture.

This means certain conditions you can’t control in your home won’t ruin your top-quality shutter investment. No more do you have to worry about problems you once endured on shutters of the past like warping, cracking, or peeling. Because of these issues, you perhaps stayed away from shutters for much too long, especially after wanting wood, yet fearing the upkeep.

Wood That Doesn’t Require Maintenance

Thanks to advancements in wood types, you can have faux or composite wooden shutters without the problem of constant maintenance. Much of this is the result of dovetail construction that’s common in woodworking joinery. As a result, you have a better durable quality to the wood so it doesn’t fall apart with heavy use.

Indoor Window Shutters Palmbeach Lantana Bedroom Hunter DouglasMany of the finishes placed on wood shutters now need minimal care as well. Regardless, if you think wooden shutters have to look all the same, think again.

Wooden shutters have plenty of customization so you bring elegant style to each room as you entertain guests this summer. Numerous stains and finishes provide different colors that match the decor of each room. Various textures and wood styles provide even more stylistic preferences for enduring elegance.

There isn’t any question that wooden shutters bring real class to any room. You’ll love them when you entertain possibly important people in your home over the summer. Those people will also appreciate how you invested in a window treatment that protects visitors from glaring sun. Those same shutters additionally hold up for a lifetime, which means you’ll still be using them for parties years from now.

Contact us here at Love is Blinds where we have the best shutters available on the market. With Hunter Douglas, Alta, and Norman shutters in stock, we’ll come to your home to install them for added convenience.

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