Choosing Plantation Shutters: Real Wood or Composite Wood?


plantation shutters hunter douglasThere is nothing that says quality like custom installed plantation shutters. Not only are they the perfect complement for any decor, whether traditional or contemporary, they are also energy-efficient.

Plantation shutters got their name because they were used in large plantation homes in the South. The design sets them apart by the by their louvers and divider rails. They are increasingly popular as they add great value to a home.

Plantation shutters, whether real or faux wood, enhance the beauty of a room. There are advantages to both materials.

plantation shutters St. LouisHome Guides suggest you consider the following:

Wooden shutters have been around longer than faux (or fake) wood shutters. The imitation versions are made from other materials such as vinyl or what is called composite wood. Some are made of fiberboard, which is engineered from wood broken down into fibers.

Advantages of Real Wood – Real wood shutters are more durable than the faux or composite material.  They tend to be more expensive, but they also last longer.  If you plan to be in your home for a long time, real wood shutters may be your best real wood plantation shuttersoption. In terms of design, real wood can be used for larger panels. Wider panels (more than 30 inches) made of synthetic material, may sag. Wood can also be painted or stained in a variety of colors. Synthetic materials only come in limited to shades of white and beige.  It’s a common notion that real wood shutters require more maintenance. To simplify this decision, think about which color your shutters will feature. If you would want a wood stain, choose a real wood shutter. Staining real wood allows the natural characteristics of the wood like tiger stripping, pine knots and burls to show. If you like the look of paint finish or have a particular color in mind, then use faux wood shutters will work just fine. Once you have several coats of paints on the shutter, the natural wood characteristics won’t matter as they are hidden so that the real wood and faux wood options are the same.

faux wood plantation shuttersAdvantages of Faux Wood – As a rule, faux wood shutters are less expensive. They often run 10 to 30 percent less than wood. For some circumstances, they might be right choice for nurseries or children’s rooms.  In areas of the house where the windows are going to be subjected to moisture or steam, such as bathrooms or kitchens, real wood can warp, crack or flake. In this case, faux wood would make the most sense. Faux is also better in a humid environment where the windows are open a lot. It’s often moisture rather than heat that can be the problem.  Some people believe that wood will warp in the heat, which is not accurate.

energy saving plantation shuttersEnergy Savings

Plantation shutters offer energy-saving benefits. Keeping your home more energy-efficient with plantations shutters on your windows saves money on your heating and cooling bills.

Whether you live in a hot climate, where keeping the home cool inside is important or staying warm is a higher priority, energy-efficient plantation shutters are a beautiful and practical choice.

Both wood and composite plantation shutters offer excellent insulation as they fit tightly within window frames properly measured and mounted.

If you want to control the amount of light coming from one part of a room, shutters allow you to distinctly adjust each pane exactly to the amount of light you prefer. You no longer have raise or lower an entire shade.

Because the slats are hinged, the choice of a little light, from each individual frame, is a unique option only available with shutters.

For more information about plantation shutters to see how they will improve the look of your home and enhance your decor, contact us. We are a full service company and experts in designing and installing window coverings.

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