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The Pros of Buying Pleated Shades

Pleated shades have been around for quite a while. They were originally used to provide the softness of draperies without the heaviness of curtains. Window treatment magazines advertised them in the early 1980’s, touted as the way to make your home the most comfortable it could be. The shades continue to please people, and it isn’t too much of a wonder when you consider them from all sides. Their usefulness and long-lived popularity stem from their design. Pleated shades are those shades made with a single layer of fabric that is folded so that it compacts like an accordion when pulled up. Cords go down from the valance through the pleats to the bottom pleat. It sounds pretty efficient already. And that isn’t the only reason why buying pleated shades makes sense.

Why Smart People Love Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades ClosedThey’re Safe

The very first reason that a pleated shade could work for you is that they are safe around children. The cords that make the pulley system are inside the fabric, unavailable to any curious toddler. Once the shade is pulled up, the pull cord is safely tucked out of reach. Indeed, there are now shades that come with spring action lifting systems that eliminate the pull cord all together. Then there is the snug fit of this type of shade. It can match the shape and size of your window exactly, meaning there is no extra cloth hanging within a toddler’s reach. Your child will have nothing to yank on or get tangled in, and all parents could use one less thing to worry about.

Pleated Shades are Flexible

Pleated shades are very flexible and accommodating when it comes to letting in light and heat. Some types of shades can put your room in total darkness or blinding light, but they can’t do anything in between. Pleated shades come in a variety of thickness and colors that can be used to let in the right amount of light for your particular needs. You can use them to soften the fierce afternoon light and brighten the dim evening rays in the same room.

Pleated Shades Cordlock BedroomDesigned with You in Mind

Pleated shades fit everyone’s designing needs perfectly. They come in an incredibly wide array of colors, textures and patterns. One of them is certain to match your decor. Not only this, but their stylistic effects can range from striking to subtle. They have a nice, softening effect on window treatments, and they can also serve as a very simple visual focus. They can complement a valance or a swag, and they can make windows pop.

They pull up flat when you don’t want to see them. If you have a nice view from your window, you won’t have to worry about moving any pesky curtains aside in order to enjoy it. The shade tucks discretely into window sills, which lets in all the light that the window can catch. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but it is very efficient.

Pleated Shades EasyriseOh, So Easy To Clean

Pleated shades are relatively easy to clean. You pull the shade all the way down and then go over the fabric with the bristle attachment on your vacuum. After this, you can take a damp sponge and gently wipe each pleat, starting from the top and going to the bottom. Let the shade stay open until thoroughly dry. Different types of fabric may need extra care, but as a general rule, the preceding instructions will work fine.

Ability to Automate

Pleated shades have the option of being motorized or automated. Adding power to your window treatments means you set it once and you’re done. Just sit back and enjoy the view!

The Last Word

Pleated shades can make your window treatment shine. Their flexibility make them some of the most customer-friendly shades around. The only real obstacle is picking the right style for your decoration needs. Even that is not a problem because you can contact us to find the perfect ones for you. We will love to help you out, so feel free to start browsing our website today!

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