Discover Why Sheer Shades Offer Homeowners The Best Of Both Worlds


Sheers offers a nice diffusion of light while shades creates as much privacy as you need. Sheer Shades offer the best of both worlds for your home or office. These amazing window treatments cast an enchanting effect of natural light across your rooms while also offering complete privacy when needed. Their appealing modern look and versatile motorized options make them an unbeatable choice.

Hunter Douglas® Offers Six Kinds of Sheer Shades to Choose:


Silhouette Shade by Hunter Douglas®


Silhouette® shadings specialize in removing harsh UV sunlight. Their Signature S-Vane™, which seems to defy gravity between each sheer, only requires the slightest tilting to adjust the light diffusion and privacy. It is smooth, sleek, and adds elegance to any room.

Alustra® Silhouette®

Textured front sheers, hardware finishes, and vanes with metallic accents provide the source material for the Alustra® Silhouette® shades. Their fresh design will give your home an impressive, innovative style.


Luminette® Shades by Hunter Douglass®


Luminette® Privacy Sheers handles the unique problems posed by sliding doors and wide windows. The combinations of sheer and drapery design tackle the problems with ease and give you total, easily adjustable control over privacy and light.


Pirouette® shadings feature a sheer backing that seems to defy gravity as it floats behind vanes made from soft fabric.


Pirouette® Shade by Hunter Douglas®

The floating design brings natural light into your space. However, when they are closed, they have the same appearance as a contemporary shade.

Alustra® Pirouette®

The Alustra® Pirouette® shadings are all about the little things that add up to a beautiful cumulative effect. The shadings feature rich textures and a sheen that unobtrusively filters sunlight into the room. If you’re looking for ambiance, this is the shading for you.


If you need something that has both high quality style and affordable pricing, Nantucket™ shadings are a fantastic option. Their operating systems and soft sheers feature 3″ vanes that can be easily adjusted to control light diffusion.

The Fantastic Features of Sheer Shades

  • The diffusion of sun rays allows the right amount of light in without heating the room and causing uncomfortable temperatures
  • The UV-blocking design means the sun will no longer cause damage to floors, furniture, and walls
  • A wide variety of style and design options make adding sheer shades to your home an easy process
  • The motorized options and the infinite degree of tilt adjustment means you do not have to sacrifice atmospheric light diffusion for privacy

Sheer-Shades-Nantucket-Remote-St-LouisWhat Motorized Control Options Really Mean

  • Shoppers are often surprised at how customizable your adjustments of sheer shades can be using motorized control:
    Using the wireless control, remotely adjust window coverings individually or in groups
  • Remotely adjust your shades with the touch of a button, including the ability to raise, lower, open, close, rotate or tilt window coverings
  • No wiring through windows or walls required
  • The platinum options allow you to program the shades to open or close at certain times of the day
  • The platinum options also give your shades the capability to automatically adjust in ways that will improve your energy efficiency
  • Use the platinum app on your mobile phone to raise, lower, or adjust your screens by just a swipe on your phone’s screen

Top-Notch Installation by Professionals

Love is Blinds provides top-of-the-line, white glove service in its professional installation. We’ll arrange consultation, measuring, delivery, and certified, professional installation. We’ll also bring samples to your home. Having the different styles and options in the intended room or space, will allow you to confidently make your selection.

Contact us for more information on our huge selection of quality sheer shades, or our other window treatments like blinds and shutters.

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