5 Trending Living Room Window Treatments for 2015


When it comes to decorating your living room, your sense of style may differ from the majority and that is what makes every living room unique. However, if you want to check out the most trending living room window treatments for 2015, you will get a good idea of where to start and how to make your living room current, yet with your own personal aesthetic.

What makes these trendy are their style, operation, and the look that they give any style of living room. In fact, at the Window Covering Expo (IWCE), the latest trends included advanced motorized treatments and multi-layered window treatment options.

Here Are Just a Few of the Most Sought After Styles in Living Room Window Treatments For 2015:

Skyline-Wand-Living-Room-Window-Treatments-20151Skyline Gliding Window Panels. For a sleek, dramatic look, Skyline Gliding Window Panels are a contemporary design that are used as a room divider or a window treatment. The unique thing about these panels is that they are controlled by a motorized system called PowerGlide, which allows for seamless opening and closing – there is even an app that is used with the homeowner’s own mobile device or is integrated into a home automation system. Style and convenience is the combination with this style of window treatment.

Newstyle-Front-Tiltbar-Living-Room-Window-Treatments-20152NewStyle Hybrid Shutters. The innovative design of NewStyle Hybrid Shutters by Hunter Douglas, allows the homeowner to be versatile. These combine plantation style shutters and a window treatment that is as unique as the person decorating the room. The materials are a combination of real wood for durability and modern materials that allow adaptability. There are five operating systems for using the hybrid shutters: TruView, front tilt bar, bi-fold track, bypass track, and hinged panels.

Applause-Lite-Rise-Living-Room-Window-Treatments-20153Applause Honeycomb Shades. For a relaxing style that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, Applause Honeycomb Shades has an energy-efficient build with triple cell construction. These shades are ideal for any room but are perfect for the living room area. They come in 15 color family selections and work with a variety of operating systems such as PowerRise with Platinum Technology, the Platinum app, Home Automation Integration, UltraGlide, LiteRise, Standard Cordlock, Skylift, and more.

Provenance-Cordloop-Living-Room-Window-Treatments-20154Provenance Woven Wood Shades. For a look that is casual and serene, the Provenance Woven Wood Shades simplify life. They are created out of light-filtering grasses, reeds, and woods and there are five styles that help the homeowner transform the natural sunlight into design statements. The materials are extremely durable for a long-lasting product yet the choices in colors and designs are many. They too work on a variety of operating systems for functionality, comfort, and ease.

Palm-Beach-Lantana-Living-Room-Window-Treatments-20155Palm Beach Shutters. For a window treatment that is cool, comfortable, and easy to care for – Palm Beach Plantation Style Shutters have all of the benefits of sturdy construction yet have a light, airy feel to them. Best of all, they not only have a DuraLux finish that looks exactly like a painted shutter but they also use a variety of operating systems that make them convenient to use in any living room. The style is classic and these make the living room have a clean, breezy aesthetic that is perfect in a casual setting.

No matter which living room treatment you choose, you’ll find something you love at Love is Blinds. We do the measuring and installation so you get a professional look that is perfectly integrated into your home and we always listen to your needs with our professional consultation. If you want to learn more about our living room window treatments or anything else we have, simply contact us so we can help.

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