3 Best Uses for Vertical Blinds Homeowners Should Know

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Windows are an integral part of any home. They often reflect style and architecture both inside and out, providing both practical function and beauty. How you dress your windows is no different. Window coverings provide both a practical service and an aesthetic accessory. Vertical blinds perform both these functions at a fraction of the cost of other window coverings. Where are the best places to use them? Consider our three best uses for vertical blinds.

(Above featured image: Crosswinds Wood Vertical Blinds by Hunter Douglas.)

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Large Windows & Patio Doors are Great Places for Vertical Blinds

1Large windows are usually a focal point of a home. Don’t hide the view with cumbersome window coverings. When open, vertical blinds reveal the entire window for a full view of the outdoors. When closed, they provide privacy and climate control. Many have the misconception that vertical blinds are boring. However, vertical blinds are some of the most versatile window coverings out there. Add a splash of color with bright hues. Bring nature indoors by opting for faux wood or go with smooth PVC blinds that subtly blend with the room to draw attention to the beauty of your french doors. Kathy Ireland Home by Alta is a great option for both faux and real wood blinds, especially if you wanted wood shutters but need a lower cost option. Or, check out Hunter Douglas blinds for energy-efficient options and the newest technology in motorized solutions. When it comes to larger windows and patio doors, instead of investing in large drapes or yards of fabric for custom drapes, save time and money with vertical blinds.

(Picture 1: Somner Vertical Blinds by Hunter Douglas.)

Cadence-Permatilt-Bathroom-Vertical-Blinds-St-LouisRooms With Above Average Moisture and Dirt Benefit from Vertical Blinds

2Kitchen and bathroom window coverings tend to need cleaning more than coverings in other rooms. Condensation and the grime that accumulates when cooking make vertical blinds a great option for these rooms. First, the vertical orientation of these blinds reduces the amount of dust that settles on them. Secondly, the smooth textures of faux wood and PVC make them easy to wipe clean, and resist moisture build-up that can lead to warping. Lastly, if sufficient soiling occurs, the slats can easily be detached for deep cleaning, repair or replacement.

(Picture 2: Cadence Vertical Blinds by Hunter Douglas.)

Vertical Blinds Are a Cost-Effective Solution in New Homes That Need Whole-House Window Treatments

3Decorating a new home is very expensive. You need privacy immediately, but you may not have thousands to invest in window coverings. The cost of vertical blinds makes purchasing them for entire rooms or homes very reasonable. However, you don’t have to feel like you are settling for a “cheap” option. Vertical blinds add class and glamour to any room. Somner-Permatilt-Living-Room-Vertical-Blinds-St-LouisThey are available in bright, vibrant colors and numerous textures. Even slat widths can be customized to your preference. The cheap, cracked, noisy vinyl blinds you remember from the 80s are a thing of the past. Rich textures and a smooth, quiet glide are features now available. If you don’t want too much of a uniform look, try mixing vertical blinds with other coverings. Vertical and horizontal blinds go well together, even within the same room. Drapes can also be added to vertical blinds for a richer look. Get the privacy and energy conservation you need now and add drapes down the road when you get over the initial expense of moving into a new home. Or, put your vertical blinds in lesser seen rooms and invest in more expensive coverings, like Norman Shutters, in your main areas.

(Picture 3: Somner Vertical Blinds by Hunter Douglas.)

Window coverings are a significant investment that will last for years to come. Get the look you want at the price you need, with Love is Blinds. Our experts will visit your home, listen to your needs and make expert recommendations. We’ll also do the measuring and installation to ensure your blinds are just right. Contact us to get more information about our expert services.

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