How to Pick Window Treatments for Your Child’s Room


If you ask any parent, they’ll tell you that their child’s room is the most important room in the house. That’s why so much attention is paid to making sure you have the safest furniture and ideal layout, so that everything will be perfect for their children.

One area that doesn’t often get the attention it deserves, however, is picking window treatments for your child’s room. This may be because it’s not thought to be as important as other considerations, or because it’s an area that kids aren’t likely to care about. Getting the right window treatment is important for a variety of reasons, though.

Here are a few things to consider to ensure that you get the best window treatments for your child’s room:

Window Treatments for Your Child's Rooms LiteriseSafety First

If you have small children, cords on your window treatments are a big no-no. Kids can get tangled up in cords and strangled, making this one of the biggest “hidden hazards” in your home. Likewise, if you have older kids – especially boys – ensuring that your window treatments survive any rough and tumble activities is essential. This could mean avoiding thick drapes, and not having heavy rods holding everything up. After all, in a boy’s room, what goes up often comes down – and you don’t want it landing on anyone’s head when it does. Also, make sure your windows themselves have safety features installed – like window guards and stops. The last thing you need is little hands prying open a second story window to go exploring.

Window Treatments for Your Child's Rooms CordlockLet Them Express Themselves

For children, the ability to determine what goes in their room – their personal, private space – is an important factor in expressing their individuality. This means that you may have to abandon the idea of having all the window treatments in the house match, unfortunately. However, by involving your kids in the selection process, and letting them pick treatments that express their personality, you’re more likely to give them a room they’ll love. Just don’t expect these treatments to last forever. After all, fairytale princess curtains may be perfect for a 5 year old…but don’t expect her to still love them when she’s 15.

Light Control is Important

One thing children of all ages have in common is a need for sleep. For young children, this may mean needing complete darkness to fall asleep at night. For teenagers, this could mean needing complete darkness to sleep past noon.  Either way, you need to know how you want to control the light entering the room. Do you want to keep the space light and airy, or do you want to be able to summon midnight in the afternoon if need be? Whatever you choose, pick a window treatment that will work for what you want.

Window Treatments for Your Child's Rooms Heritance TruviewKeep It Cool

Beyond blocking out the light, you also need to think about keeping the heat at bay. The last thing you want is your child sweltering in a stuffy room all day, or sweating while they sleep. You can get heat- and UV-reflecting window treatments, which are very important for keeping your child healthy. Not only that, but if you have an infant, overheating is a known risk factor for SIDS – so keeping a cool room is non-negotiable. Beyond safety and comfort, of course, keeping the heat out means you’ll keep your energy costs down. That means your treatments will pay for themselves many times over.

A Room Your Child Will Love

In the end, the biggest consideration (after safety, of course) is finding a window treatment both you and your child will love. That may require some negotiating and compromise on each of your parts.

If you need help selecting the best treatments for your child, contact us to find an option that you’ll love as much as they do. It’s their room, after all – but it’s your house.

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