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Window Treatments for New Homes

When moving into a new home, one of the biggest challenges is choosing the right window treatment for your house. Deciding which designs are good and which are just passing fads can take some knowledge, luckily, we have that knowledge right here in this article.

The Art of Choosing Window Treatments for New Homes

Blinds: First and foremost, you have to start with good blinds. Sales for wooden slat blinds with deep lines are on the rise, and that is not just a fad. The earthy tones of wooden blinds perfectly compliment any neutral or dark colored room. Try vinyl blinds though with lighter colored rooms, the brightness of the vinyl is the perfect match to any light color.

Curtains and Drapes: Most people don’t know that a difference exists between curtains and drapes, and though I could spend a long time comparing the differences between the two, I will instead offer a short explanation of the two. Curtains are informal and used as decoration in lighthearted settings, while drapes are formal and are used in rooms where seriousness or formalities must be exercised. Those are the symbolical differences between the two decorations, the material differences are much easier to spot. Drapes are lined and pleated, curtains are not. Knowing when to choose one over the other is a must have skill, and here are some examples to help you develop the skill: In a study where work and occasional business meetings are to be conducted, drapes are the choice to go with. However in a family room where company is to be received during football games, curtains are your number one choice. And remember to match your drapes and curtains to the room, not the window, that will tie the window in to the rest of the room.

Curtain Rods: Just as important as the curtains or drapes are curtain rods. Choosing the right one for your house can be a breeze though, just follow some simple guidelines. If you have dark wooden blinds, choose curtain rods the same color as your blinds. However if you have light colored blinds, try to choose a color that compliments both the color of your blinds, and your curtains/drapes. These simple actions will tie your entire window together.

So remember these tips, and use your new knowledge when decorating your new home. Following these guidelines will turn your window into a real focal point in your house, and cause guests to compliment your decorating skills for ages to come!

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