Turning Your Wood Budget Blinds Into Works of Art!

budget blinds

People often turn their back on inexpensive blinds and buy blinds that are way over their budget. This is a huge mistake. You don’t need to break the bank on highly expensive wooden blinds or any other window treatment to make your home look great. Buying blinds on a budget can help you save money, and find blinds that are just as beautiful and useful as their more expensive counterparts. Garage sales, flea markets and places like Craig’s List are great places to find affordable blinds.

Sometimes just a little bit of love will go a long way, especially if they’re in fairly good condition. And the good news is, it’s not too hard. There are a variety of techniques you can use to increase the beauty of inexpensive wooden blinds and make them look like a million bucks. The following tips will help spruce up wooden blinds you own, as well as ones you’ve just purchased.

Stain Your Blinds

Even the most inexpensive wooden blinds can look beautiful with just a few extra coats of stain. Staining blinds is a relatively simple process that requires only a little handiwork, some patience, and a clean working area.

Start by finding a well-ventilated spot, such as a deck, and spreading a used sheet or tarp over where you plan to work. Set your blinds on the sheet and use a small hand-brush to spread the stain over the surface of each blind.

Let your blinds dry in a sealed area, like a garage, and then apply another coat of stain. Two or three coats should be more than enough: any more, and your blinds will look a little too dark.

Match With Interior Décor

Placing your budget blinds in a highly plastic environment will make them stand out from their surroundings. Try to match your wooden blinds with other interior décor to increase their beauty and make your room look more stylish.

You don’t necessarily need to buy new home items to match your blinds: simply move furniture and items you already have into the room. Try to match them with wooden or furniture with dark, earthy colors.

Not only will your wooden blinds blend in more fully with their surroundings, but they’ll actually enhance the natural beauty of your room’s décor.

Add Some Flair with a Woodburner

Woodburners use high temperatures to burn patterns into wood. They are useful for a variety of projects and can turn your inexpensive wood blinds into highly-decorated masterpieces that reflect your personal taste and style.

Start by choosing a pattern you want to burn into each blind. Horizontal woodburn patterns look best on blinds, as they accentuate its natural shape and grain pattern. Make sure to set the burner for the lowest possible setting to avoid excessive burns.

Possible woodburn patterns include: signatures of your family members, family slogans, stars, trees, animals, musical notes or anything else appropriate for your personality and your personal taste.

When in Doubt…Paint

Many home owners frown on painting wood items, as it hides the grain and creates a more artificial look. However, if your home has a more “modern” style, paint can be a highly useful tool that can transform your blinds into an appropriate indoor décor item.

Start by choosing a color that goes well with your interior design. Avoid colors that clash with your interior scheme. For example, if you have bright, shiny colors such as orange or purple in your home, earthy browns and red blinds will create an unpleasant clash.

Painting wooden blinds is very simple: place them on a used sheet or tarp in your garage and either spray or hand paint each blind. Let the paint dry for several hours before adding more coats. Three or four coats should be perfect.

By now, you should be totally sold on your budget blinds and the ways they can inexpensively increase the style and interior beauty of your home. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We can answer all your questions and ensure you get the blinds that your home deserves, without breaking the bank.

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