Keep These 3 Things in Mind When Choosing Custom Window Blinds

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The eyes are the windows to your soul. 

-William Shakespeare

Your home’s windows offer a glimpse into the style and substance of your household, much like your eyes offer an intimate representation of the person behind them. Choosing custom window blinds that reflect the spirit and personality of your home is important, as is evaluating the specific needs and wants of the homeowner.

1. It’s OK to ask for help!

While it may seem tempting to wander aimlessly from one big box retail store to the next in search of inspiration (and a bargain) this is one area where you most certainly get what you pay for. After a painless, fast, and free consultation with the area’s best window blind expert, you’ll be glad you saved your time, effort, and gasoline to give your home the window treatments that best suit it, and you!

During your free consultation, you’ll see samples of many different sought after brands of window blinds including Norman Window Fashions, Kathy Ireland Home by Alta, and Hunter Douglas Window Fashions. Don’t worry about measuring or installation. These services are also included. You’ll get to take a look at many different color and material samples, making the entire decision making process as low-stress as possible.

2. Remodeling is In!

If you find yourself searching for function, longevity, and beauty in your window blinds, you aren’t alone. In a recent article on the popular remodeling website, Leah Applewhite, real estate broker, notes a change in homeowner’s priorities as they remodel their living quarters.

“We’re shifting the way we look at homes,” she says. “It’s more of a place that nurtures us and our families. People are asking, ‘How does this enhance my life rather than my investment portfolio?’ If we have funds, we’re spending money to make it a nicer environment for ourselves. ”

Results of a 2014 survey conducted by support Applewhite’s statement.

Overall the vast majority of homeowners (78 percent) are remodeling to improve the look and feel of their space. Secondary factors include making the space more functional (54 percent), increasing home value (52 percent) and upgrading features and appliances (47 percent). 

Custom, classic window blinds are a highly desirable feature that make a home look “finished” and increase its value. Maybe there was a time when only wealthy folks consulted a custom window blind expert, but that time is over. It’s now common for people to ask for a consultant’s advice when it comes to making these important choices.

3. It’s about more than style!

In the Midwest, where winters reach bitterly cold low temperatures, and summer offers months of long, hot, and sunny days, homeowners recognize the need for window blinds that insulate against the elements while providing the flexibility to let the sun shine in on cold days and block it out on the hottest days.

Popular options include the complete line of sought after energy-efficient window treatments by Hunter Douglas. You’ll learn about this company’s lifetime guarantee during your free design consultation. Without quality window blinds designed to minimize the impact of extreme weather on a home’s interior spaces, up to 50% of heating and cooling efforts are completely wasted! Experiencing an in-home consultation is the best way to find the best window blinds for your home.

Adding energy-efficient treatments that control the amount of light and heat that comes into a home through the windows is a smart move that has a positive impact on energy bills while keeping the interior atmosphere of a home comfortable.

For more information about how Love Is Blinds helps people explore energy efficient, high quality, budget friendly custom window blinds go ahead and contact us today!

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